We thought that we were the only swinger couple in Saint John. It turned out that Mary and David were also into wife and husband swapping, so we decided to get to know each other better. Saint John is not that big of a city and if you are not a regular couple, there is hardly any chance that you can get any high quality sex fun there.

So, it was a real revelation to meet Mary and David. As soon as we found their profile online, we decided to call them and to set up a date. We asked them to come to our place and have a nice dinner.

We were so excited. It was like we are getting ready for our first date and in a way, it was. When they arrived, I couldn’t get my eyes off the David’s big muscles and the obvious bulge that he was packing. At the same time, I giggled in my head when I saw how my Steve glares at Mary’s big tits. We sat down to eat and we cracked open a bottle of wine. As the glasses went on and on, we all got a little bit relaxed.

I let myself take off my shoe and reached for David’s crotch. He smiled, grabbed my foot and pressed his against his cock even harder. He gave Mary a sloppy kiss and that was the sign that she can go to action. She got up from her seat and came to Steve. She sat in his lap, pulling up her skirt and facing him. She kissed him and at that moment, Dave stood up and came to me. I stood up also, and we started making out and undressing each other.

In a minute, the action has already begun. We placed two chairs so that the guys were sitting down back to back on them, and Mary and I were riding their cocks. From time to time, we would smile to each other, rise up a little bit from their cocks just in order to kiss above their heads. When we did that, David would sigh with pleasure, moan a little bit and squeeze my ass as hard as he could. My pussy was dripping wet, and I hoped that his grabbing will leave marks for me to remember him.

However, the best thing was yet to come. Once I stood up, he got so horny from our kiss that he wanted to do something else and he pressed my anus with his finger. That got me off in a second. I came with a scream, so that my hubby and Mary started to laugh a bit. It was so great and so funny. I almost fell from his cock. My hubby told Mary to kneel on his chair and took her from behind. Mary and I were kissing the whole time as Dave put me in the same position.

The guys were facing each other and they came all over my and Mary’s back. This was a real scenario for a porn movie. It was almost unbelievable that we could find such a couple in Saint John.